Google will create Motorized Shoes with VR Technology

The development of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies has only focused on visual experience. Google wants to go up to the next level, which is to bring VR and AR to motoric experience.

The search engine giant company recently registered a patent entitled "Augmented And / Or Virtual Reality Footwear". As the name implies, the device is a shoe that is embedded with VR and AR technology. These sophisticated shoes will be automatically authorized, so users feel they are walking in the landscape of VR and AR. In fact, users are actually in certain areas in real life. The working mechanism is simple, users must still use VR headsets, then connect to VR / AR Footwear. Once ready, VR / AR Footwear will step up with an automatic motor that adjusts to the visual on the headset.
Google will create Motorized Shoes with VR Technology

No need to worry about going to hit tables, rocks, chairs, and other barrier objects in the real world. Because, these high-tech shoes will resist movement if the user's distance is too close to a certain object. If this patent is realized, the experience of playing VR games is certainly more smooth.

Users can feel the VR / AR landscape that is more essential and move freely without worrying about obstacles in the real world. However, the realization of this idea is not easy. Google must ensure its technology is able to maintain the balance of users at all times, as compiled by KompasTekno, Friday (11/23/2018) from Geek. Can Google bring this innovation to the public? Or just stored as a patent? Let's just wait.

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