Best Technology in Auto & Car

Talking about technology in auto & car never comes to end. There are innovations made by car manufacturer from different brands to show who the best player in auto market is. Apart from the strict competition among them, it cannot be denied that car technology has improved really fast. There are plenty of new features embedded in brand new car that bring driving experience into the next level.

Sophisticated Technology in Auto & Car
Here, you are about to find several sophisticated technology ever found in auto world. Ranging from parking sensor to gadget friendly features, the goal is to offer convenience for driver. Take a look at these awesome technology and you can never stop wondering how it can be there.

1. Teen driver technology
If you are a parent who concerns to your teenage kid’s safety while driving, this technology is what you need to have. Chevrolet is known as a manufacturer that involves Teen Driver feature. This is kind of peace of mind because the feature notifies if the car is driven too fast and the stereo will be disabled if the seatbelts are not used. The feature will not allow the stereo to be turned up when time shows past 7.

Best Technology in Auto & Car

2. Adaptive cruise control
Sitting behind the wheel for hours can be stressful. You need to hit the gas and brake to avoid crashing the car in front of you. But, today’s car offers a lot of convenience. Thanks to adaptive cruise control which involves the use of sensors to match the speed of car in front of you. Therefore, you do not need to waste energy by hitting gas and brake in the highway.

3. USB ports
This is another sophisticated technology ever found in auto & car. Before, you need to let your phone off because of dead battery. But now, USB port saves everyone’s life because charging can be easily done inside the car. Even Chrysler Pacifica generously gives 9 ports for everyone who needs to top up battery during the trip.

4. Rear parking sensor
Do you still remember the first time you learn to drive? Before rear parking sensor was invented, parking was the most terrible part of driving a car. The chance is new learner will hit the wall without someone directing from the outside. Today, rear parking sensor makes everything better. Equipped with rear camera, you can adjust the car position while parking.

5. Lane departure warning
Sometimes you do not actually pay attention to the road while driving. With many distractions while driving, many drivers do not realize that the car has drifted across lane line. The lane departure warning system will send notification whether it is audio or vibration to let you know that the car has moved far from the lane. This system effectively reduces accident due to less attention of the driver.
Even though some technologies seem unbelievable, they are real. Some car manufacturers already use the technology to attract customers as well as improve driving experience. The most important, it is aimed at supporting safety driving campaign.

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